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Wild Animal Removal Houston Dallas

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Chimney Wildlife Tech 214-295-9318 in Dallas and 832-413-6431 in Houston has been trapping many opossums lately for our wild animal removal service.

Wildlife removal for opossum in Dallas Houston

Opossum like to live in quiet hidden places. Generally not aggressive to humans. They have 50 teeth and do know how to defend themselves if cornered or felt threatened. Pets often are harmed or even killed by opossums. If an opossum is living on your property is a wise to call Chimney Wildlife Tech to remove it before any harm comes to you or your pets.

Raccoons, squirrels, armadillos, and skunks are frequent wild animal removal pests. These animals should not be taken for granted, each has its own special way to ruin a homeowners day. Chewing or breaking into an attic can lead to costly repairs if not quickly removed. Nobody wants a nursing wild animal in their attic or even worse a dead animal rotting in your attic or wall.

Wild animal removals in Houston and Dallas, Texas are Chimney Wildlife Techs specialty. We can get rid of wild animals from attics, chimneys, siding, garages, under porches, and even in your house walls.