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Jim Hosford

A perfect experience for a fireplace system repair – could not have asked for more.

Making the appointment was easy and straight forward. Received a reminder by email and phone about the upcoming appointment. Technician called with an ETA and arrived as scheduled. He was very thorough in his evaluation and it was determined that parts for my older system needed to be replaced. I received a quotation for the parts and repair and gave approval for same. As soon as parts arrived with the technician, received a call to schedule the repair appointment. Same as above – reminder, ETA call and on-time arrival. Parts were replaced and system completely tested and back “as new”.

Cost for the initial assessment was fair as was the cost of the purchased items and labor to install/test. (I checked the pricing on the parts and could not find better pricing anywhere).

All in all, a great experience with a knowledgeable and pleasant service technical and the others who managed the appointment schedule.

I highly recommend this firm to others in need of a fireplace system tune-up or repair or replacement

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