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Houston Animal in the Attic

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If there is a Houston animal in the attic that you need removed call Chimney Wildlife Tech (832) 413-6431.

When there is a Houston animal in the attic there are quite a few unanswered questions for most homeowners. How did the animal get into my attic? What animal is in the attic? How do I go about getting the animal in the attic out? What is all of this going to cost me and how long do I have to put up with it? All of these things are valid concerns. Having someone who is a trained and experienced Wildlife Specialist do an evaluation on your home can answer most of these questions. When you have a Houston animal in the attic and are trying to handle the situation on your own things can take a while and often get worse. This is due to the animal having made your attic its home and trying to protect it from intruders or perceived dangers. Often times during wildlife removal, when an animal feels threatened it will react in unpredictable ways, causing harm and damage in doing so.

When handling Houston animal in the attic the best thing to do is to leave it to the professionals, this will save you the risk of injury as well as with the Specialists’ experience they will be able to shorten the time it takes for the animal removal to occur.

At Chimney Wildlife Tech we only practice legal and humane methods for removal and relocation of nuisance wildlife animals. This ensures your safety as well as the safety of the animal. When you are dealing with wild animals there is no guarantee what you can run into, sometimes where you think there is only one animal there is actually a whole litter and mother taking up residence, this is where our hands on experience comes in and helps you in ensuring that the animals are trapped and relocated properly to prevent further problems from arising.

If you are in need of help with Houston animal in the attic call Chimney Wildlife Tech (832) 413-6431 for fast and effective service.

Rats in the Attic Dallas & Houston

Chimney Wildlife Tech (CWT) in Dallas 214-295-9318 and Houston 832-413-6431 gets rid of rats in attics. Rat exterminating and proofing experts. We get all the rats out and seal up the house to keep rats out.

Rats in the Attic Dallas Houston

Rat Entry Point

Rats can get through holes as small as 1/2″ to gain access into attics. CWT will give free estimates on sealing your exterior of your home. CWT procedures include:

  1. Seal up the exterior
  2. Trap any rats in the interior
  3. Clean up the toxic feces and urine soaked insulation
  4. Sanitize and Deodorize

To seal up the exterior will take on average one day. Snap rat traps are set. Depending on how many rats are present, CWT usually allows for a week to complete the extermination of all the rats. Once all the rats are gone a clean up will take place. The clean up can take from an hour to an entire day. Sometimes all the insulation needs to be taken out and new insulation is put back in the attic. The clean up is very important, remember the Black Plague was due to rat feces and urine, so CWT takes this step very seriously. After the attic is clean the we will fog the attic with a sanitizer and deodorizer to kill any left over enzynes the clean up may have missed.

Dallas and Houston has a good population of rats as does any large city. Rats breed to fast to keep under total control in the wild, but CWT can keep rats in your attic out for good.

Rats Control Houston Dallas

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Rat control and removal in our Houston and Dallas office has gotten an early increase in rat calls because of the unseasonable warm weather. Chimney Wildlife Tech offers free rat proofing and extermination estimates in Houston and Dallas.

Here is a typical hole made by rats to get into an attic. Some holes are poor construction making it easy to get in the attic and sometimes they chew their way in the attic. We give estimates to trap all the rats inside and seal up the house so no other rats can get in the attic.