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How to get rid of raccoons

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Its a common nuisance to have raccoons now getting in attics and chimneys for shelter. Homeowners have to decide how to get rid of raccoons either by themselves or hire a wildlife company. How to get rid of raccoons can be dangerous and should not be attempted by homeowners. Reasons to hire a wildlife removal service:

  1. Raccoons are a carrier of rabies and can attack if felt threatened
  2. Homeowners do not know how to handle raccoon pups and a mama raccoon
  3. No training on how to carry a captured raccoon in a trap, what if trap malfunctions and opens when carrying it
  4. Where to release the raccoon after capture for safe and humane location
  5. Feces and urine have toxic enzymes lethal to humans and household pets
  6. Simply Homeowners are not trained how to get rid of raccoons safely and humanly

Chimney Wildlife Tech has the proper training and experience to handle how to get rid of raccoons from attics, chimneys, in between sub floors, and in your yard.

Wildlife Removal Houston

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Wildlife removal in Houston is a neccessay service that Chimney Wildlife Tech provides that the city or county does not, they only handle domesticated animals. Chimney Wildlife Tech does not handle dogs or cats. We handle raccoons, opossums, squirrels, rats, bats, snakes, birds, skunks, and armadillos.

What the county or city does make available to its residences are traps for the homeowner to rent and do it yourself. This is dangerous and should not be attempted by homeowners. Here are some good reasons why not to be your own wildlife removal service:

  • The best places to set traps are sometimes not where you think they are. Animals sometimes are hiding under insulation and/or out of site, they can and will attack if felt threatened. We handle wildlife and train what to do in these scary situations.
  • Traps set in attics have to come out of attics with a live, mad, smelly, possible rabid animal inside the trap
  • What if a trap malfunctions while you are carrying a live wildlife animal (in your house)?
  • What if trapped animal has a litter of babies, you have no training on finding them and no training on handling the new born young. Our training will find the young and safely relocate them with their mother.
  • Our traps have pheromones of previous wildlife on them that attracts the animal targeted. We often get calls that a homeowner has a city trap or a new trap and cannot catch the animal. We have put our trap right next to their trap and caught the animal soon after.
  • Multiple wildlife animals in the attic
  • Do it yourself homeowners think the job is done when the animal is gone, that’s just part one of a 4 part process. One is trap, two is repair the entry point and any future possible entry points, three is clean up feces and and urine soaked insulation, four is to sanitize and deodorize. Homeowners constantly tell us how previously they have had the same wildlife problems before, and 9 out of 10 times they didn’t do all four steps. 
  • Diseases, period. These animals are not from a zoo with immunization shots. They transfer these to humans and household pets.

Simple put, wildlife removal Houston should only be performed by a professional wildlife removal service, Chimney Wildlife Tech.