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Dallas Animal in the Attic

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If you have found yourself dealing with a Dallas animal in the attic call the best in the removal and relocation business, Chimney Wildlife Tech (214) 295-9318.

When there is a Dallas animal in the attic there are many routes that you can take to try and address the problem; trying to handle the situation yourself, setting poisons, getting professional help with the removal and even trying home remedies that can be found all over the internet. While some of the things that you may do can better the situation you are running into almost everything except getting professional help will only delay the removal and relocation.

Some of the signs that you will want to look for when you have a Dallas animal in the attic are ways that the animal could have gotten into your home, look for all things big and small. This will help you to determine what type of animal you are trying to handle. All of these possible entry points will need to be repaired and sealed to prevent future reentry to your home. When you have a wildlife specialist come out to your home they will look for all of these signs and help you to get them repaired.

Depending on what type of Dallas animal in the attic you have there are different methods of trapping and relocating. For example, if you are dealing with a squirrel in the attic one of the best methods for relocation of the Dallas animal in the attic is to install a one-way-door trap into an entry point that the squirrel is already using. This trap lets the squirrel leave and not get back in. Once the squirrels are gone this final hole can be sealed. Squirrels being territorial animals will actually help to keep more squirrels from coming onto your property if they are allowed to stay in the vicinity of where they were excluded from.

When you are dealing with Dallas animal in the attic, the best thing to do is to get help from a trained and experienced wildlife specialist. This will ensure that you get the fastest and most effective removal for your home. Call us at Chimney Wildlife Tech today for an evaluation on your home.

Animal in the Attic Dallas

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Looking for help with an animal in the attic Dallas? Call the best people in removal, Chimney Wildlife Tech, (214) 295-9318.

Have you been hearing stirrings in the night? Bumps and tumbles in your attic keeping you awake? Seen an animal enter your attic like it owns the place? You most likely have an animal in the attic Dallas. Once you have established this there are a few things that you can do, try to get rid of it on your own, research all the best ways to get the animal out, or call a professional who has dealt with this many times before. All of these options have all sorts of solutions, radios and lights in your attic all night long, smelly rags in the corners of your attic, companies that each has different methods for removal. So, what do you do? Call a professional in wildlife removal from Chimney Wildlife Tech.

There are a few things about having and removal animal in the attic Dallas that will help you to make the best decision for your home and situation. Nuisance wildlife animals are all pretty smart, they are all geared to survive and have warning lights that go off if they see someone in their home or trying to drive them from their homes. Depending on the animal this can put you at risk of injury, from a raccoon for example. Most animals will go deeper into their home which if the animal in the attic Dallas does this most likely means that they will move you’re your attic into your walls, making it much harder to get to them and get them removed.

Another point to know about when removing the animal in the attic Dallas is that most pest or removal companies use poisoned bait to get the animal situation addressed. This in the long run only causes more problems for the home owner. Most of the poisons used are created to dehydrate the animal, this causes them to look for water. When in your home the best places to find water is the back of your A/C unit where condensation collects and in pipes. This can lead to the animal dying near these places and needing a much more extensive removal than a live removal.

If you have an animal in the attic Dallas the best thing to do is contact Chimney Wildlife Tech, (214) 295-9318, for a full home evaluation. During this evaluation the wildlife specialist will look for all of the possible areas that the animals are getting into your home along with what is needed to repair and seal these areas. Then they will determine what type of animal you are dealing with and what the best trapping and relocation method will be. Once the animal in the attic Dallas is removed we will then assist you with cleanup and sanitizing. This will eliminate the spread of any disease or illness the animals may have been carrying along with eliminating any lingering odors from the animals.

Dallas County Raccoon Removal

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If you are in need of Dallas County raccoon removal, call the best in the business Chimney Wildlife Tech (214) 295-9318.

Breeding season is in full swing for raccoons currently. They will be looking for safe places to make a nest and wean their young for the next few months. If you have found yourself in need of Dallas County raccoon removal the best thing to do is call a professional wildlife specialist. We do not recommend trying to capture or remove the raccoon on your own. Mother raccoons can be quite dangerous when trying to protect their home and their young.

This morning we received a call that a woman had gotten home from a vacation to find that a mother raccoon had taken up home in an outdoor sofa on the porch. She had found the raccoon when lifting a cover off of the sofa, the mother raccoon had torn one of the cushions of the sofa open and has given birth to her babies right there in the cushion. As the mother raccoon had seen that there was now someone watching her babies she got very vicious and would not leave the sofa. The homeowner called for Dallas County raccoon removal. When our technicians got to her home they were able to evict the mother raccoon and babies safely giving the homeowner back her patio.

With Dallas County raccoon removal you want to ensure that any way that they were able to get into your home is repaired and sealed so there is no future entry. When sealing these holes it is very important to ensure that there is not already an animal in your home. Once this has been established, the holes can be sealed. If there is an animal in your home already, trapping will need to occur. If the raccoon is a mother with babies, one of the best ways to handle the eviction is through the use of eviction fluid. This is a mix of male raccoon pheromones and predator urine. Normally when this is placed in the area the mother will relocate the babies on her own.

When dealing with a pregnant mother, a juvenile raccoon or male one of the best ways for getting them relocated is with the help of Dallas County raccoon removal and humane traps. These will safely trap the raccoon so it can be relocated away from your home. This again is recommended to be done by a trained and experienced wildlife specialist to prevent any spread of disease or illness along with being able to safely handle the animal and prevent injuries.

At Chimney Wildlife Tech, (214) 295-9318, we have been in the Dallas County raccoon removal business for many years, this has allowed our technicians to be trained and experienced in almost anything the animals can present to us. We will not only help you to get the animal safely out of your home but also to get any entry points repaired and sealed.

Dallas Critter Removal and Control

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Opossum in trap

Chimney Wildlife Tech (214-295-9318) offers a great fast, friendly, humane, and quality Dallas critter removal and control service. With over 20 years combined experience we can catch any critter that presents a nuisance.

The springtime in Dallas, Texas busy with raccoon removals, squirrel control, opossums in attics, snakes in gardens, rats in attics, armadillos digging up flower beds, and birds nesting in chimneys.

Chimney Wildlife Tech handles all your Dallas critter removal and control, call today and receive a free estimate for anything we do!