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Install Chimney Cap Dallas

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If you are looking to install chimney cap Dallas, call Chimney Wildlife Tech (214) 295-9318 for custom caps.

If you are looking to install chimney cap Dallas, you have found the right place. All of the custom chimney caps that we make at Chimney Wildlife Tech are custom made for your home with 24 gauge colored steel. This ensures the life as well as quality of your cap. Each install chimney cap Dallas also has animal guards to protect against unwanted animal entry into your home by birds and other nesting animals. Each chimney cap we install also comes with a transferable lifetime warranty.

When you install chimney cap Dallas, it is then able to perform a few different functions, one is to keep water from leaking into your chimney and damaging the mortar and bricks or wood of your chase. Ensuring that there are no water leaks will help to extend the life of your chimney chase by eliminating the main cause of damage to the bricks. Having an install chimney cap Dallas done will also prevent chimney and roof fires caused by burning particles being allowed out of the chimney flue.

Another important role that a chimney cap plays is to prevent animals and birds from entering the chimney and nesting there. When this happens you will normally get a buildup of nesting materials in the chimney that can cause drafting issues as well as fires if the materials get too hot. With the install chimney cap Dallas in place you are preventing this from happening.