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Houston TX Chimney Caps

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If you are in need of Houston TX chimney caps call Chimney Wildlife Tech (832) 413-6431 for a custom made cap to fit your home.

Houston TX chimney caps are there to protect your chimney as well as your home from fires, unwanted animal entry and more. When you have a chimney cap in place on your home you are not only adding to the appearance of your home but also ensuring the safety of your fireplace. If you are wondering if you need Houston TX chimney caps call us today for an evaluation.

With Houston TX chimney caps in place you will; eliminate the most moisture penetration of the flue, eliminates damper deterioration. Rust. Guarantee your flue’s integrity. No cracks due to moisture entering the flue. Eliminate firebox moisture damage. Cracks in the back wall are reduced. Mortar crown covered from heat exposure and moisture. First course of brick/stone is covered. Helps protects the mortar joints from mold growth on the exterior of the chimney. Better animal guard because animals cannot sit on top of the mortar crown to gain access. Better bird guard because birds cannot roost on chimney top. And last but not least, better appearance!

If you are looking to have Houston TX chimney caps installed on your home contact us at Chimney Wildlife Tech (832) 413-6431 for an evaluation and estimate on a custom cap for your home.

Install Chimney Cap Dallas

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If you are looking to install chimney cap Dallas, call Chimney Wildlife Tech (214) 295-9318 for custom caps.

If you are looking to install chimney cap Dallas, you have found the right place. All of the custom chimney caps that we make at Chimney Wildlife Tech are custom made for your home with 24 gauge colored steel. This ensures the life as well as quality of your cap. Each install chimney cap Dallas also has animal guards to protect against unwanted animal entry into your home by birds and other nesting animals. Each chimney cap we install also comes with a transferable lifetime warranty.

When you install chimney cap Dallas, it is then able to perform a few different functions, one is to keep water from leaking into your chimney and damaging the mortar and bricks or wood of your chase. Ensuring that there are no water leaks will help to extend the life of your chimney chase by eliminating the main cause of damage to the bricks. Having an install chimney cap Dallas done will also prevent chimney and roof fires caused by burning particles being allowed out of the chimney flue.

Another important role that a chimney cap plays is to prevent animals and birds from entering the chimney and nesting there. When this happens you will normally get a buildup of nesting materials in the chimney that can cause drafting issues as well as fires if the materials get too hot. With the install chimney cap Dallas in place you are preventing this from happening.

Chimney Caps Dallas TX

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If you need chimney caps Dallas TX call Chimney Wildlife Tech (214) 295-9318 for a custom cap.

Chimney caps Dallas TX are needed for numerous reasons, when a chimney cap is not properly installed you run the risk of having chimney and roof fires as well as water leaks and animals getting into your home. Having a custom chimney cap in place will not only ensure that it functions properly but will also add to the look of your home.

One things that we have been getting the many calls on this season so far has been unwanted wildlife getting into people’s chimneys. On each of these calls the cause has been found that chimney caps Dallas TX that were installed were either damaged or did not have an animal guard in place to ensure that there is no entry. When you have an animal in your chimney, this can create a few problems for your home; if the damper and firebox are open there is a chance of the animal getting into your home. When an animal has gotten into your chimney it is most likely there to nest. This will bring nesting materials into your chimney that can obstruct the air flow and cause drafting issues along with the possibility of causing chimney fires when these materials get too hot.

When getting your chimney caps Dallas TX installed they will also cut down on water leaks and water damage to the bricks and wood in your chimney thus extending the life and function of your chimney. If you have experienced water leaks in your chimney this is the time that you should get your chimney caps Dallas TX inspected and if repairs are needed this is the time to get them done.

If you have a question on the performance of your chimney caps Dallas TX give us a call at Chimney Wildlife Tech, (214) 295-9318 for an evaluation.

Install Chimney Cap Houston

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Who do you call if you need to install chimney cap Houston? Chimney Wildlife Tech, (832) 413-6431 will make and install custom chimney caps for your home.

Chimney Wildlife Tech, (832) 413-6431, has been leaders in the install chimney cap Houston field for some years now. In an effort to offer our customers the best product possible at the best cost to them we own and run our own metal shop. This allows us to custom make each chimney cap we install, ensuring that it will function perfectly for your home. Our chimney caps are made from 24 gauge colored steel. This allows you to consider the aesthetics of your chimney cap while not limiting its function and performance in any way. When we install chimney cap Houston they each come equipped with animal screening, this will prevent birds and other animals from getting into your chimney and trying to nest there. When we install chimney cap Houston each of our caps come with a transferable lifetime warranty, thus guaranteeing the life and performance of your chimney cap.

Chimney caps are essential in the prevention of roof fires and chimney fires by not allowing larger sparks to exit the chimney. Also in the prevention of animal entry a chimney cap will keep out nesting materials that can clog up the chimney, cause smoke to draft back into the house as well as cause fires when the materials catch on fire from the heat and sparks of the controlled fire in your firebox. When you install chimney cap Houston you are putting in place prevention for these situations.

When you have a correctly install chimney cap Houston you will also be adding to the function and life of your chimney chase. The chimney cap sits on top and protects the mortar crown and chase from water and exposure to the elements. This will help to limit the damage to your bricks and any wood in your chase by keeping the water off of this area as well as helping to prevent water leaks.

If you need to install chimney cap Houston call Chimney Wildlife Tech for an estimate. We would be happy to build a custom cap for your chimney and home.

Pearland Chimney Caps

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If you have noticed water leaks in your chimney you may need Pearland chimney caps, call Chimney Wildlife Tech (832) 413-6431.

Over the last few months we have had quite some rain in the Pearland area. This has lead, unfortunately, to some homeowners finding that there are leaks in their homes that they hadn’t previously known about. This then leads to how do you repair Pearland chimney caps that may be leaking into your chimney?

There are a few reasons that your chimney may be leaking water, one of the easiest to spot is if you have Pearland chimney caps installed on your home. A custom chimney cap when correctly installed on a chimney will help to prevent water from leaking into the chimney during rains and snow. Another reason that you could have water leaking into your chimney is that your mortar crown or chase may need repairs. This often happens when there are no Pearland chimney caps in place or they have been incorrectly installed on the home. One of the main functions of the chimney cap is to protect the chase and mortar crown from damage due to exposure to the elements.

Another thing that can be done to assist with a chimney that has custom Pearland chimney caps installed and the mortar crown and chase are both in good shape is to water proof the chimney bricks themselves. This will help to repel any water that comes in contact with the chase while still allowing the bricks in your fireplace to breathe.

If you have had a chimney leak that has not been repaired call Chimney Wildlife Tech for an evaluation on what is going on. Also, if you haven’t had a leak yet think that your Pearland chimney caps may be non-existent or in need of repair call us right away. Having a chimney cap that is performing poorly will only lead to more needed repairs later on down the road.

Here at Chimney Wildlife Tech we own our own metal shop where our trained and experienced craftsmen produce custom Pearland chimney caps along with other chimney related items. This allows us not only to ensure that you are getting the best product for your home at the smallest hit to your pocketbook but it also allows us to offer you a transferable Lifetime Warranty on all of the Pearland chimney caps we produce. As an added bonus all of our chimney caps are manufactured to prevent entry from birds or animals, this keeps them out of your chimney and helps to prevent the buildup of nesting materials which can lead to chimney fires.

If you are wondering about the integrity of your Pearland chimney caps call Chimney Wildlife Tech for an evaluation.