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Why do I need a chimney cap

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If you are wondering “why do I need a chimney cap?” call Chimney Wildlife Tech (214) 295-9318 or (832) 413-6431.

Well there are several reasons that a chimney cap is needed on your chimney. Everyone has a fireplace because the warmth and atmosphere that it brings your home during the cold weather. However, this delight can easily cause so many problems if preventative measures are not taken to prevent dangerous fires from causing irreversible damage to occur. Placing a chimney cap on top of the hole that allows for the smoke and heat to rise out of your home is a good thing. This same hole also allows birds, squirrels and other rodents to get in. Putting a cap on it with screening will keep these animals from making a home inside your chimney yet still allowing the heat and smoke to get out.This is one answer to the why do I need a chimney cap.

Another reason why do I need a chimney cap is due to the weather, the chimney cap will prevent the rain, snow and sleet from coming into your chimney. If the water gets into your chimney it can cause the firebox to rust or even the damper. This could cost you several hundred dollars to fix. Also, the mortar in your chimney can be damaged as well. The sulfur soot that is in your chimney when mixed with moisture causes it to become sulfuric acid and attacks the inner walls and can be very expensive to repair. Where certain wind conditions are high the chimney cap helps prevent downdrafts as well. This is when smoke enters your home instead of going out the flue. The chimney cap will help protect the flue as well. It doesn’t matter whether you have one flue or several you can have a chimney cap put on all of them.

So when asking why do I need a chimney cap you should know that the cap will also help prevent fires from forming on your roof or even your neighbors. The sparks can travel through your chimney and cause this to happen. So in order to prevent this from happening you put a chimney cap on and save yourself possibly a life or even thousands of dollars in repairs. There is a spark arrestor this prevents these sparks from leaving your chimney when you have a chimney cap installed. Chimneys without chimney caps are a fire hazard. Also, if the leaves from the trees get lodged into your chimney this can also be a fire hazard. If they are not cleaned out they build up and also fall into your fireplace. To stop the leaves from coming in every year get a chimney cap installed.

If a chimney goes without service for years this can cause the mortar crown to be deteriorated this causes the rain to stand on the chimney and go down into it instead of being forced off the chimney as it should. The weather can cause a lot of unnecessary repairs to be needed that a chimney cap could prevent. Why do I need a chimney cap should not be question anymore call your professional today.

Chimney Cap Advantages in Houston Dallas

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Chimney-Wildlife-Tech’s (214) 295-9318 or (832) 413-6431 chimney caps have superior advantages over most of its competitors.

Why? Our chimney caps are made to custom fit the top of the chimney. This guarantees no moisture damage to occur and keeps out birds and animals from nesting. Protecting the chimney is key to keeping it from water damage. Chimney Wildlife Tech’s chimney caps keep raccoons from giving birth in it, dying above the damper and having to remove a maggot ridin’ rotten carcass, or removing raccoon pups from growing up in the chimney only to return in adulthood to repeat all of the above.

Many other competitor chimney sweeps only sell little flue caps like the one pictured below. We do not! We only sell quality chimney caps that solve all the chimney cap solutions.

Paying for a better chimney cap has its advantages to purchasing a cheap flue cap. Flue caps blow off and do not keep out enough moisture. Mortar crowns fall in and animals can nest in the chimney chase. Look at this before and after job we did in Dallas last week…

Chimney caps Dallas Houston Fort worth

My husband, Brian and I have raised a baby raccoon into adulthood. He took it out of a chimney that the mother had abandoned. It was a odd situation because there was no other siblings in the chimney with him. Here is a pic of him crawling up the side of our house…

Chimney caps keep out birds and critters