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Raccoons Removal Fort Worth Arlington

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So you are in need of raccoons removal Fort Worth Arlington, call Chimney Wildlife Tech (214) 295-9318 for help.

Raccoons are very smart animals, with the growth of our cities they have learned to adapt to more human interaction and assistance. You may not think that feeding your dogs or cats outside or leaving your trash bins out overnight are a bit help but to a raccoon this is the jackpot. Raccoons removal Fort Worth Arlington can begin well before you have spotted a raccoon on your property or in your home.

There are some things you can do to limit the amount of interaction between raccoons and your home. One is to feed your pets indoors and away from any open pet doors, this will help to keep the food smell away from any openings and prevent raccoons from feeling that they have been invited in your home to enjoy the buffet you have laid out. Any food that your animal does not eat pick up and put away, this will prevent the smell from lingering and assist in raccoons removal Fort Worth Arlington.

If your trash cans are left outside overnight make sure to keep a tight lid closed on them, in some cases it even helps to place a brick or some other type of weight over the lid to prevent entry. If the trash is able to be opened raccoons will find it and having established a feeding place can make permanent raccoons removal Fort Worth Arlington a bit harder to accomplish.

If you have noticed an increase of raccoons in your area know that this is not unusual for this time of year, it is about a month into raccoon breeding season and now is the time that they are looking for mates and new homes to raise their young in over the next few months. Before your raccoons removal Fort Worth Arlington situation becomes a problem in your home it is also best to share these tips with your neighbors to prevent the animals from being drawn to your home.

If you have any holes in the exterior of your home, any loose siding or damaged or loose vent covers now would be the time to get those potential entry points repaired and sealed. If you find damage to your home we recommend getting a full home evaluation prior to sealing these areas to ensure that you are not sealing an animal into your house.

Chimney Wildlife Tech, (214) 295-9318, can assist you with all of your raccoons removal Fort Worth Arlington needs. Call us as soon as you notice something, even increased activity around your home so we can ensure that your home is proofed against entry.