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Flue Caps Houston

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Chimney Wildlife Tech (832) 413-6431 can help you to fabricate custom flue caps Houston for your home and chimney.

I like to plan ahead; I am one of those people who have a calendar of when the next time the air filters in my house need to be changed. It is no different with my fireplace, in fact, I like to get anything needed handled right around now in the year, that way if there is anything with my chimney that needs repairs I have time to get them done before I want to use my fireplace in the winter and can’t due to needing repairs this would include if I need flue caps Houston.

Decorative Chimney Cap

I am also one of those people who like to get three quotes and don’t necessarily think that the lowest bid is going to get me the best product in the end. These are things that you don’t have to worry about with Chimney Wildlife Tech. Early on in our business we realized that the way that we could guarantee that our clients were getting the best possible product for their homes at the lowest cost to them was for us to make it ourselves. This then led us into getting our one metal shop set up where we only produce flue caps Houston along with other chimney related products.

We use 24 gauge colored steel to make all of our flue caps Houston. By doing this we are ensuring not only the life of your chimney cap but also that the color won’t fade, peel or flake leaving you with an eye sore on your home. All of our flue caps Houston come with an animal guard installed so there is no way for birds, squirrels or any other animals to get into your home through your chimney, this also eliminates the risk of chimney fires as there is no nesting buildup.

There are many functions that flue caps Houston performs to ensure the safe burning of fires in your home. With a chimney cap properly installed on your chimney you will be cutting down on water leaks into your chimney, not allowing animals in and also allowing the chimney to vent properly, taking smoke from the fireplace and letting it escape your home instead of filling your home when you have a fire burning. Another key function that flue caps Houston have is to protect the mortar crown of your chimney by keeping it blocked from the weather, water and heat. If this is not done the mortar crown and bricks on your chimney being to deteriorate, this then leads to further problems in your chimney along with the destruction of the chase, and in the case of a wood chase can lead to rotting, bad smells and the chimney not performing safely or well.

If you have any question about the performance of flue caps Houston call Chimney Wildlife Tech (832) 413-6431 for an inspection.

Custom Chimney Caps Dallas

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Custom chimney caps Dallas are vital to the performance of your chimney, call Chimney Wildlife Tech (214) 295-9318 for an estimate.

Now is the perfect time to take a look at your chimney and start getting anything that needs repairs done before winter is here again and you have to miss out on using your fireplace. There are a few things that need regular inspection to ensure the proper functioning. One of these is custom chimney caps Dallas, your chimney cap plays a vital role in protecting your chimney from damage, preventing house and chimney fires and keeping animals out of your chimney.

Most homeowners look for a problem with their custom chimney caps Dallas when they have experienced something like a water leak or birds or another animal being in the chimney. It is best to get custom chimney caps Dallas installed prior to these things happening. If your cap is allowing water to get into the chimney there are a few other things that can be happening up top and not seen. The chimney cap is in place to protect the mortar crown and mortar on your chase from the weather, sun and heat. This extends the life and quality of your chase for some time as it is not open for the regular damage and deterioration that occurs should it not be covered. In turn there is less of a chance of chase rot and breakdown with custom chimney caps Dallas in place.

If you have custom custom chimney caps Dallas in place they will also stand as a guard to not allowing any birds or other animals to use your chimney to nest. This not being in place or custom chimney capsCopper Hayes Bell Dallas not being correctly installed can lead to animals getting into your home through the fireplace along with drafting issues with the smoke from a fire not having a clear passage out of the chimney. When the chimney is too blocked off this leads to chimney fires and is in fact the top cause of chimney fires and roof fires in homes.

If you are wondering if your custom chimney caps Dallas can hold up to the heat and perform like it should the best thing to do is to get an inspection done. From the inspection a Certified Chimney Professional will be able to determine if your chimney cap was correctly installed, is the right size and if it is functioning like it should.

Call Chimney Wildlife Tech (214) 295-9318, we have been in the custom chimney caps Dallas business for many years. We run our own metal shop where we custom make every aspect of your custom chimney caps Dallas to be perfect for your home. Each of our chimney caps come with a transferable Lifetime Warranty.

Animal in the Attic Garland

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When dealing with an animal in the attic Garland call Chimney Wildlife Tech at (214) 295-9318.

There are a few common types of animal in the attic Garland that you may be dealing with. Most common for this time of year are raccoons, squirrels, opossums and rats. Each of these animals have different methods of getting into your home although the motive and result are the same, they are looking for a nice climate and safe area to live and raise their young and they can cause quite a bit of damage and trouble in your home.

The biggest question is: how to get the animal in the attic Garland out of your home? When you contact Chimney Wildlife Tech we will send one of our trained and experienced technicians to your home to perform a full evaluation. This will involve finding out how the animal got into your home, what type of animal or animals you are dealing with and how to get the animal in the attic Garland trapped and relocated from your home.

Depending on the type of animal in the attic Garland, there are many different types and methods of trapping and relocation. Sometimes the different use of a closed trap or eviction fluid can make all the difference in the eviction of the animal in the attic Garland. Our experienced technicians can help you to determine which of these solutions is best for your home and situation.

If you are having trouble with an animal in the attic Garland, call Chimney Wildlife Tech (214) 295-9318 for fast and effective help.

Richardson Squirrel Removal Attic

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Chimney Wildlife Tech (214) 295-9318 can help you with even the most complicated Richardson squirrel removal attic.

Richardson squirrel removal attic can be a trying thing to take up handling on your own. Most complaints that we receive about squirrels is that the homeowner has tried and tried to get rid of them, patched the holes and so on and somehow they just keep coming back. This may be for a few reasons, they may not have all been out of the attic, meaning maybe you had a mother squirrel who left her babies inside or maybe there was no cleanup done after getting the animal out and the pheromones were still around labeling your attic as home. A Wildlife Specialist can help you to determine why the Richardson squirrel removal attic did not work for you.

With Richardson squirrel removal attic one of the best methods for removal is to set a one-way-door in one of the entry points to the attic that the animals are already using. This will allow the animals to leave the attic and not get back in. When this happens it can be very helpful for ensuring that any new squirrels do not enter or attempt to enter your home. This is because squirrels are territorial and when let back into the area will actually work to keep other squirrels from entering the area.

Chimney Wildlife Tech is trained and experienced in Richardson squirrel removal attic. Having the experience that our technicians have makes it possible for us to help you in any wildlife removal situation you may have. We also offer warranties on the work that we do during Richardson squirrel removal attic on your home.

If you are in need of Richardson squirrel removal attic call Chimney Wildlife Tech (214) 295-9318 for a rapid response and handling.

Trap Squirrel Houston

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Trap Squirrel Houston CWT

If you are looking to trap squirrel Houston, call the best in the business, Chimney Wildlife Tech (832) 413-6431.

There are a few ways to identify that you may have to trap squirrel Houston in your attic. The noise that a squirrel makes tends to be a bit lighter and faster sounding than a larger animal; they also tend to make the most noise right at dawn and sunset as they are getting up for the day and getting settled in for the night. The best way to identify what animal is in the attic is to have a trained Wildlife Specialist inspect your home to determine what the animal is. The best way to tell is through the identification of their feces.

Squirrels are rodents; this means that they have to constantly chew on things in order to keep their teeth to a manageable size. The longer it takes to trap squirrel Houston the more damage can be done in the area of the house that they are in. This is something that once they are trap squirrel Houston you will want to ensure is fixed to ensure the safety of your home. This is especially important if there is any electrical damage that has been done in your home. We have had more than one client already this year have an attic fire that was a direct result of squirrels in the attic that had been chewing on wires.

Once you trap squirrel Houston the best thing to do is repair and seal any possible entry point that they were using to get into your home. Then to get all needed cleanup done of any remaining feces, urine and nesting materials. This will complete the trap squirrel Houston process and bring your home back to normal.

If you think you might need trap squirrels Houston call Chimney Wildlife Tech (832) 413-6431 as soon as you notice things.