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Custom Chimney Caps Dallas

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Custom chimney caps Dallas are vital to the performance of your chimney, call Chimney Wildlife Tech (214) 295-9318 for an estimate.

Now is the perfect time to take a look at your chimney and start getting anything that needs repairs done before winter is here again and you have to miss out on using your fireplace. There are a few things that need regular inspection to ensure the proper functioning. One of these is custom chimney caps Dallas, your chimney cap plays a vital role in protecting your chimney from damage, preventing house and chimney fires and keeping animals out of your chimney.

Most homeowners look for a problem with their custom chimney caps Dallas when they have experienced something like a water leak or birds or another animal being in the chimney. It is best to get custom chimney caps Dallas installed prior to these things happening. If your cap is allowing water to get into the chimney there are a few other things that can be happening up top and not seen. The chimney cap is in place to protect the mortar crown and mortar on your chase from the weather, sun and heat. This extends the life and quality of your chase for some time as it is not open for the regular damage and deterioration that occurs should it not be covered. In turn there is less of a chance of chase rot and breakdown with custom chimney caps Dallas in place.

If you have custom custom chimney caps Dallas in place they will also stand as a guard to not allowing any birds or other animals to use your chimney to nest. This not being in place or custom chimney capsCopper Hayes Bell Dallas not being correctly installed can lead to animals getting into your home through the fireplace along with drafting issues with the smoke from a fire not having a clear passage out of the chimney. When the chimney is too blocked off this leads to chimney fires and is in fact the top cause of chimney fires and roof fires in homes.

If you are wondering if your custom chimney caps Dallas can hold up to the heat and perform like it should the best thing to do is to get an inspection done. From the inspection a Certified Chimney Professional will be able to determine if your chimney cap was correctly installed, is the right size and if it is functioning like it should.

Call Chimney Wildlife Tech (214) 295-9318, we have been in the custom chimney caps Dallas business for many years. We run our own metal shop where we custom make every aspect of your custom chimney caps Dallas to be perfect for your home. Each of our chimney caps come with a transferable Lifetime Warranty.