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It is time to get a chimney sweep!

Get ready Denver, when you live in a home with a chimney there is a bit of maintenance that is needed, getting cleanings and inspections regularly can help to ensure you do not have repairs getting out of hand.

Chimney Inspection

When dealing with controlled fires in your home, never devalue the importance of a Denver chimney sweep cleaning, they are vital to the safety and function of your fireplace and thus, your home.

Hire a professional!!

Most homeowners have their go-to handy man that helps with anything that goes awry around the house. While this same person may know how to perform a chimney sweep, there is a vital thing missing, which is the knowledge of fireplace safety and codes. Getting a professional out to handle your fireplace can save you quite a bit of grief later down the road. Finding someone that is local to you and that is a Certified Chimney Professional can help to keep your costs down as well.

Wildlife season is upon us.

With breeding season coming to a start for most nuisance wildlife animals it is highly recommended to get a chimney sweep out to take a look and ensure you have a chimney cap in place that has proper bird and animal guards in place to keep animals out. Mother animals will be looking for places to nest and birth their young in the next months time and your chimney is a great replication of a hollowed tree. Have a chimney cap in place will help you from becoming home to a litter of raccoons, nesting birds and so on this season. It will also help to keep your chimney clear of any nesting debris brought in by these animals.

Chimney Wildlife Tech has Certified Chimney Professionals on staff to help you with your chimney sweep needs!