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Chimney Wildlife Tech (214) 295-9318 is a chimney sweep in Dallas that not only does a chimney service but also does a nuisance wildlife removal service. Raccoons, birds, amd squirrels are common problems in chimneys. Since we here at Chimney Wildlife Tech know are way around the chimney we decided to learn the trapping business and remove all sorts of animals that are nuisances.

A chimney sweep in Dallas in the months between March and August deal with many animal calls in a chimney. The bird calls have not started yet, but raccoons and squirrels in chimneys sure have. Most people don’t even know what they have in the chimney. Squirrels are usually load and homeowners can hear them. Raccoons on the other hand do not make any noise until the pups get a week old. Then they make load noises to feed.

All of this can be avoided with a good chimney cap to keep the critters out. Chimney Wildlife Tech can get the critters out and keep them out for a lifetime of no worries that something is living in the chimney.

Chimney Wildlife Tech can in one appointment inspection and do a chimney sweep, we can do an exterior house inspection for critters and rodent entries into the house, and an attic inspection for nesting and droppings. All services have separate fees but discounts may apply, ask the office at time of scheduling.

Our chimney sweep Dallas service area includes all Dallas surrounding cites and the Fort Worth side of the metroplex.