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Chimney Caps Dallas TX

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If you need chimney caps Dallas TX call Chimney Wildlife Tech (214) 295-9318 for a custom cap.

Chimney caps Dallas TX are needed for numerous reasons, when a chimney cap is not properly installed you run the risk of having chimney and roof fires as well as water leaks and animals getting into your home. Having a custom chimney cap in place will not only ensure that it functions properly but will also add to the look of your home.

One things that we have been getting the many calls on this season so far has been unwanted wildlife getting into people’s chimneys. On each of these calls the cause has been found that chimney caps Dallas TX that were installed were either damaged or did not have an animal guard in place to ensure that there is no entry. When you have an animal in your chimney, this can create a few problems for your home; if the damper and firebox are open there is a chance of the animal getting into your home. When an animal has gotten into your chimney it is most likely there to nest. This will bring nesting materials into your chimney that can obstruct the air flow and cause drafting issues along with the possibility of causing chimney fires when these materials get too hot.

When getting your chimney caps Dallas TX installed they will also cut down on water leaks and water damage to the bricks and wood in your chimney thus extending the life and function of your chimney. If you have experienced water leaks in your chimney this is the time that you should get your chimney caps Dallas TX inspected and if repairs are needed this is the time to get them done.

If you have a question on the performance of your chimney caps Dallas TX give us a call at Chimney Wildlife Tech, (214) 295-9318 for an evaluation.