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Have a chimney cap installed in Dallas and Houston before a bird or animal enters the chimney. Full coverage chimney caps are better than a cap just mounted on the chimney flue.

CWT installs only good quality full coverage chimney caps. Our chimney cap will cover the entire top of the chimney. This protects the bed of mortar at the top keeping the bricks stable and  and not allowing any water into the chimney chase. All the caps keep out water and critters from nesting down the chimney flue.

Chimney caps come in 24 gauge metal. Choices of the type of metals are copper, galvanized, paint grip, stainless steel, and colored metal. The colored metal comes in black, brown, almond, sierra tan, red, slate gray, dark gray, medium bronze, dark bronze, sandstone, 3 shades of white, forest green, and almost any color to match your trim or gutters.

Chimneys come in two different flue styles, masonry flue or prefabricated flue (metal pipe). Masonry flue cap options include the #1plus, flat lid, hip lid, and the king top. Prefabricated flue caps start with a chimney chase cover. To enhance the prefabricated flue caps add a tutrle shroud or install a hip lid or king cap over the chimney chase cover. You cannot install a flat lid or a #1plus on a prefabricated flue because they are not designed to have a spark arrestor inside and under the lid. A spark arrestor is a pipe cap for a metal flue and by code you must have one installed on a prefab flued fireplace.

To install a chimney cap in Dallas and Houston may be different than the rest of the country. The Texas weather is very windy, with Dallas having straight line winds and tornadoes and Houston having hurricanes CWT has come up with a wired installation method. We take a heavy gauge wire and attach it through the chimney cap skirt. Then we go down 3 or 4 rows of brick or stone and drill a hole for a concrete anchor. Attach the wire to the anchor and nail it in the hole. The chimney caps vibrate ever so slightly but do not vibrate the anchors out. The wire takes the vibration not the anchors.

When we measure for a chimney cap we have to make the cap slightly larger to fit over the chimney top. Typically we make it 3/8″ – 1/2″ larger for a snug good custom fit.

Options on some caps are how tall the legs need to be extended. Hasrdware cloth screen or expanded metal for screen. On hip lids you can have a high or low pitch. Staning seams can be added or taken off. Finials can be designed to enhance the chimney caps. Weathervanes can be added on top of the lids for a complete custom look to your exterior of your home. All options add value and do cost more in addition to the base price. All options are available for a chimney cap Dallas or Houston chimney cap installation.

Install a chimney cap in Dallas and Houston before any further damage occurs to your flue causing a fire hazard or an animal from taking up residence inside the fireplace.

Chimney Caps Houston

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CWT (832) 413-6431 fabricates and installs the best rain chimney caps in Houston. Largest selection of choices in Texas made from stainless steel, copper, colored metal, or galvanized.

CWT has chase covers, flat top chimney caps, hip roof chimney caps, and decorative chimney caps to meet you budget. Less expensive or crazy decorative, every chimney cap does the same function to terminate the chimney top and keep out water.

An advantage to CWT chimney caps is that all of our chimney caps Houston keep out animals from entering the chimney.

Chimney caps need to be made to function for the lifetime of the chimney. Any chimney cap that just sits on the top of the flue does not prevent water damage and deterioration of the masonry joints.

A chimney cap should be covering the entire top of the chimney. The original builder of the house is not required to put a chimney cap on a masonry flue fireplace. The damper is considered the valve closing the chimney allowing the chimney open all the way down to the damper. Water and animals can pour in and cause damage. If purchasing a new or old home make sure a full coverage chimney cap is installed.

CWT makes its chimney caps from 24 gauge thick metal. This is strong enough to handle Texas winds, rain, and an animal invasion attempt.

Lifetime warranties are given with a CWT technician installation. We do not offer a lifetime guarantee without CWT installing because an improperly installed chimney cap will come off.

Chimney caps Houston are best installed by the best chimney service, CWT.

Chimney Sweep Houston

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Chimney Sweep in Houston Tx

Chimney Wildlife Tech (832) 413-6431 does chimney sweeps in Houston, Texas. Brian had a sweep that took an hour and a half because the homeowner had not swept the chimney in 30 years. This is a serious fire hazard.

You can see in the picture Brian trying to open the damper because there was so much soot he could barely get the brush up in the flue. The homeowner had called because his chimney was giving off a smokey smell that was over powering the living room, called chimney breath. Soot will give off a odor when it gets humid and is very hard to get rid of after a build has occured. The chimney sweep industries best solution is to keep the flue swept.

An annual inspection and sweep only cost approximately $120 – $150. This is a small fee to pay to prevent chimney breath. Once chimney breath occurs you will always have it, but you can help reduce it by…

  1. Sweep chimney every year at the end of the burning season. This prevents any more the saturation into the brick and mortar joints of soot.

  2. Keep moisture out with a top mounted sealing damper to prevent moisure from entering the flue.

  3. Install a full coverage chimney cap over the damper to keep moisture off the top of the chimney.

  4. Waterproof the brick with Chimney Saver Solvent Base.

5.  Seal the flashing with a polyurithane caulk. Mortar is not a sealant.

Not all chimney sweep Houston service companies are equal. Chimney Wildlife Tech has the experience and the products to solve any chimney problem. The customer we did last week said before we left that the smell had alread been reduced just by us doing the chimney sweep. We ended up doing all five steps and it will help with future chimney breath, but not solve it.