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It is time to get a chimney sweep!

Get ready Denver, when you live in a home with a chimney there is a bit of maintenance that is needed, getting cleanings and inspections regularly can help to ensure you do not have repairs getting out of hand.

Chimney Inspection

When dealing with controlled fires in your home, never devalue the importance of a Denver chimney sweep cleaning, they are vital to the safety and function of your fireplace and thus, your home.

Hire a professional!!

Most homeowners have their go-to handy man that helps with anything that goes awry around the house. While this same person may know how to perform a chimney sweep, there is a vital thing missing, which is the knowledge of fireplace safety and codes. Getting a professional out to handle your fireplace can save you quite a bit of grief later down the road. Finding someone that is local to you and that is a Certified Chimney Professional can help to keep your costs down as well.

Wildlife season is upon us.

With breeding season coming to a start for most nuisance wildlife animals it is highly recommended to get a chimney sweep out to take a look and ensure you have a chimney cap in place that has proper bird and animal guards in place to keep animals out. Mother animals will be looking for places to nest and birth their young in the next months time and your chimney is a great replication of a hollowed tree. Have a chimney cap in place will help you from becoming home to a litter of raccoons, nesting birds and so on this season. It will also help to keep your chimney clear of any nesting debris brought in by these animals.

Chimney Wildlife Tech has Certified Chimney Professionals on staff to help you with your chimney sweep needs!

Are You Familiar with Common Chimney Repairs?

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Chimney Wildlife Tech, (214) 295-9318 – DFW or (832) 413-6431 – Houston, is trained and experienced in all common chimney repairs as well as the not so common repairs.

When something has gone wrong with your chimney there are normally a number of things that could be causing the trouble. Getting a Certified Chimney Professional to preform a full inspection on your chimney will help to ensure that you are fixing the right problem as opposed to getting yourself into a hit or miss type of situation. We have seen time and time again where a client will call us after having their handy man “fix” something with their chimney that has now become a bigger problem. We have nothing against handy men but when it comes to something that is very specialized it is best to contact someone who is trained and experienced to help you with even the common chimney repairs.

There are a few common chimney repairs that can be needed in a home, everything from basic cleaning to the installation of a chimney cap. Breaking these down and knowing the function of each area of your chimney will help you to determine what steps you need to take to ensure your chimney is functioning at top level. Take a cleaning for example, when burning wood you will get a build up of creosote in the chimney and flue. This build up gets added to each time you burn. In the case of random cleanings there is a chance that this creosote can actually create trouble for your fireplace and home. The build up can cause air flow issues which then can cause smoke to backup into your home, create an odor or even cause fires. Viewing a chimney cleaning as a common chimney repair and getting it done on a routine basis will help to ensure that it does not become a problem in your home.

Chimney Inspection

Another common chimney repair that homes need after time is the replacement of the damper. This can be due to other underlying problems like a water leak that causes the damper to rust or a lack of cleaning and creosote build up behind the smoke shelf which then causes the damper to not open fully. If you are having issues with your damper you will want them to get corrected as soon as possible. The damper is the door that allows your chimney and firebox to breathe when in use as well as being the door that stops heating and air conditioning from leaving your home when the fireplace is not in use. Having a properly functioning damper can help to save you money on other things like the electric bill.

If you are not sure of the condition of your chimney or have not had it inspected in some time the best thing to do is to have a Certified Chimney Professional out to your home to preform an inspection. This will help you to find if you are in need of any common chimney repairs. Chimney Wildlife Tech, (214) 295-9318 – DFW or (832) 413-6431 – Houston, can help you with any of these common repairs as well as anything else when it comes to your chimney.

Install Chimney Cap Dallas Houston

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Have a chimney cap installed in Dallas and Houston before a bird or animal enters the chimney. Full coverage chimney caps are better than a cap just mounted on the chimney flue.

CWT installs only good quality full coverage chimney caps. Our chimney cap will cover the entire top of the chimney. This protects the bed of mortar at the top keeping the bricks stable and  and not allowing any water into the chimney chase. All the caps keep out water and critters from nesting down the chimney flue.

Chimney caps come in 24 gauge metal. Choices of the type of metals are copper, galvanized, paint grip, stainless steel, and colored metal. The colored metal comes in black, brown, almond, sierra tan, red, slate gray, dark gray, medium bronze, dark bronze, sandstone, 3 shades of white, forest green, and almost any color to match your trim or gutters.

Chimneys come in two different flue styles, masonry flue or prefabricated flue (metal pipe). Masonry flue cap options include the #1plus, flat lid, hip lid, and the king top. Prefabricated flue caps start with a chimney chase cover. To enhance the prefabricated flue caps add a tutrle shroud or install a hip lid or king cap over the chimney chase cover. You cannot install a flat lid or a #1plus on a prefabricated flue because they are not designed to have a spark arrestor inside and under the lid. A spark arrestor is a pipe cap for a metal flue and by code you must have one installed on a prefab flued fireplace.

To install a chimney cap in Dallas and Houston may be different than the rest of the country. The Texas weather is very windy, with Dallas having straight line winds and tornadoes and Houston having hurricanes CWT has come up with a wired installation method. We take a heavy gauge wire and attach it through the chimney cap skirt. Then we go down 3 or 4 rows of brick or stone and drill a hole for a concrete anchor. Attach the wire to the anchor and nail it in the hole. The chimney caps vibrate ever so slightly but do not vibrate the anchors out. The wire takes the vibration not the anchors.

When we measure for a chimney cap we have to make the cap slightly larger to fit over the chimney top. Typically we make it 3/8″ – 1/2″ larger for a snug good custom fit.

Options on some caps are how tall the legs need to be extended. Hasrdware cloth screen or expanded metal for screen. On hip lids you can have a high or low pitch. Staning seams can be added or taken off. Finials can be designed to enhance the chimney caps. Weathervanes can be added on top of the lids for a complete custom look to your exterior of your home. All options add value and do cost more in addition to the base price. All options are available for a chimney cap Dallas or Houston chimney cap installation.

Install a chimney cap in Dallas and Houston before any further damage occurs to your flue causing a fire hazard or an animal from taking up residence inside the fireplace.

Dallas Chimney Sweep Service

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Chimney Wildlife Tech 214-295-9318 is ready to inspect your chimney for safety. We can handle any repairs, install a chimney cap, and measure for gas logs or glass doors to be installed.

Our Dallas chimney sweep service can replace any chimney that has become loose or been blown away from a tornado or straight line winds. We specialize in siding and trim repairs on wood chimney chases. Call for a free estimate.



Chimney Sweep Dallas

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Chimney Wildlife Tech (214) 295-9318 is a chimney sweep in Dallas that not only does a chimney service but also does a nuisance wildlife removal service. Raccoons, birds, amd squirrels are common problems in chimneys. Since we here at Chimney Wildlife Tech know are way around the chimney we decided to learn the trapping business and remove all sorts of animals that are nuisances.

A chimney sweep in Dallas in the months between March and August deal with many animal calls in a chimney. The bird calls have not started yet, but raccoons and squirrels in chimneys sure have. Most people don’t even know what they have in the chimney. Squirrels are usually load and homeowners can hear them. Raccoons on the other hand do not make any noise until the pups get a week old. Then they make load noises to feed.

All of this can be avoided with a good chimney cap to keep the critters out. Chimney Wildlife Tech can get the critters out and keep them out for a lifetime of no worries that something is living in the chimney.

Chimney Wildlife Tech can in one appointment inspection and do a chimney sweep, we can do an exterior house inspection for critters and rodent entries into the house, and an attic inspection for nesting and droppings. All services have separate fees but discounts may apply, ask the office at time of scheduling.

Our chimney sweep Dallas service area includes all Dallas surrounding cites and the Fort Worth side of the metroplex.