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5 Signs You Need Animal Removal

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When you are confronted with wildlife that you visually see in your home and around your property, it’s easy to know that you need animal removal. However, what about those times birds, mice, and other critters keep themselves well hidden, but are still being invasive? You simply have to look for the signs that you have animals invading your space and then call in the professionals to assess the situation and remove the problem. Here are five signs that you wildlife living close and should call animal removal experts.

#1: You Hear Scratching Sounds in the Walls

While you might not hear these sounds all of the time, if you notice scratching sounds behind the sheetrock of your walls, it could mean anything from bats to mice. It’s imperative that you have these animals removed because beyond carrying diseases, dropping fecal matter wherever they choose, and being a nuance, if these animals pass behind a wall, it can create an extremely unpleasant odor.

#2: You’ve Noticed Trashcans Knocked Over

Raccoons are notorious for knocking over trashcans and destroying porches that have cat food left out. Possums also enjoy rummaging through dumpsters and areas that are off limits to wildlife. If you’ve started to notice the destruction that these animals like to do to trash and animal food, then get the experience animal removal professionals in to handle the problem. It’s important that you don’t try to trap and remove these animals on your own because they can be physically dangerous, as well as spread diseases.

#3: You’ve Seen Chewed Cords

If you have any cords that have been chewed on, you should immediately make an appointment for animal removal. Rats, squirrels, and other wildlife will chew on electrical cords and create entryways in your roof, cabinets, and walls. These animals have been known to start house fires when chewing through electrical cords and it’s important that you prevent this from happening by getting them removed completely so that they don’t return.

#4: You’ve Seen Droppings in Cabinets

Animal droppings in cabinets and other crevices of your home is a sure sign that you have invaders hiding in your living space. You’ll find that the amount of fecal matter can alert you to how big your wildlife problem is. However, you’ll want to consult an animal removal company because they’ll be able to identify and close the entryways, as well as understand the common habits of the animal that is taking over your home.

#5: Your Pets Have Been Acting Strange

Your pets will often start acting strange and focusing their attention on one particular area of the wall or kitchen when you have a critter that is invading your space. If you think that your pets are on to something, but just haven’t seen it for yourself, have the pros come in for an inspection so that you can rest easy that you don’t have mice and other rodents nesting in your walls and attic.